• "Unlock Your Potential with Personalized Coaching in the Breathtaking French Alps".

  • Naturecoachingmontblanc was founded by Michael Hebben:


    “I am a firm believer in the advantages of outdoor coaching for the instructor, the coachee, and the organisation. There is also the less tangible but potentially greater benefit of caring for the environment, which begins with establishing a personal connection to nature and then allowing personal responsibility for protecting the planet to develop.”


    "My mission is to help people find clarity, balance and connection for personal growth with the support of nature".


  • Achieve Your Goals with my Personalized Coaching Sessions in the French Alps


    "I'm helping to inspire every person and re-introduce the power of nature to achieve sustainable personal growth"


    My practice is centered in the Mont-Blanc region of France. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful and stunning places in the world. Here, life is slower, yet as impactful as anywhere else on earth. Living here has helped me to shape my beliefs, and consequently my practice.


    I have come to the realization that when faced with making difficult decisions it is simpler/better/easier to slow down, and reflect, before speeding up again to achieve better results. In today’s world, we have lost the ability to really ‘slow down and analyze’. My aim is to help you find that ability again.


    To help you inspire and to re-connect the power to nature I offer coaching,

  • Are you feeling like this?



    My values have changed.

    My beliefs have changed.

    The world is not the same.

    I do not know what to do.



    In all areas of my life my performance has declined.
    I can not seem to perform the way I used to and I don’t know why.



    My energy is low, I am always tired.

    I do not sleep well.

    I have no passion for life.



    I can not talk to my friends and family.
    I have no one to share with.


    I am stuck in this job. I do not know my true passion.
    I don not want to stay in this job but I have no idea what I should be doing.


    I feel disconnected from people.

    I feel alienated.
    I am disconnected from my body.

  • "Discover Your True Potential with Outdoor Coaching in the Heart of Mont Blanc."

    "Between every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world".

    John muir

  • How I Work



    We start with an introduction

    Good coach/client chemistry is important before beginning. That’s why I schedule a 45 minute Zoom call to learn more about what’s drawing you to seek coaching, and to share more about my approach.

    Intake Session


    We’ll dig further into who you are, what you want, and how you want to engage the world. We’ll identify your commitment to your future self, which will serve as the North Star of our work together.

    Custom coaching program

    You, as my client, drive this journey. It builds on your commitment to yourself that we identify in the Intake session. You’ll have bi-weekly sessions to ensure you are achieving your business and personal goals.
  • My Coaching offerings

    Choose a package to Achieve Your Goals

  • Regenerate Your Personal Leadership

    Regenerate Coaching embraces the journey of self-discovery and is committed to impacting leaders beyond their workplace identity and into their personal lives through a holistic, customized and collaborative approach.

  • What my clients say


    I'm happy to have worked with Michael . After my coaching sessions with him, I felt like a great burden has been taken away from me. Now, I feel more confident and at peace with both my inner world and the outside world.





    What my clients say


    Michael gives you confidence and quickly gets to the point with you. Michael is not easily satisfied with an answer and continues looking further where others stop



    What my clients say


    The work I’ve done with Michael feels like it’s part of me in a way I don’t feel like I have gotten in work with other coaches.




    What my clients say


    I have been working with Michael over the course of the last year for personal self-growth and work related reasons. This was my first attempt at a life coach and I was a bit skeptical of what to expect during the process. After the first one on one session, I knew right away I should have been doing this years ago. Michael did not tell me what I needed to do or change in my life. He simply asked questions and opened the door for my own personal growth based decisions. He is professional, encouraging, and highly educated in this realm. The growth from our sessions has my work environment more efficient and productive than ever while keeping my personal life at peace in ways I never knew possible.




    All the information you need before entering a coaching session

  • Nice to meet you

    I believe in a transformational journey with nature on your side guiding you to connect more deeply with yourself

  • About me


    Hey there, I'm Michael Hebben – a nature-loving coach and consultant based in Les Houches


    After starting my career in Intensive Care Medicine, I discovered my passion for change management and pursued a master's degree in the field. As an independent consultant for start-up companies, I gained valuable experience helping businesses navigate change and growth.


    However, it wasn't until I traveled to Africa that I realized my true calling. The continent's stunning natural beauty opened my eyes to the transformative power of nature and its impact on personal growth and development.


    As an ICF-certified coach, Shinrin Yoku guide, and breathwork instructor, I use a range of strategies to help individuals and organizations reconnect with nature for personal and professional development. Breathing techniques, in particular, have been proven to be effective tools for enhancing leadership skills.


    In my free time, you can usually find me hiking in the mountains or exploring the local nature reserves. I'm passionate about environmental conservation and love to share tips and insights for living a more sustainable lifestyle.


    Currently, I'm preparing to become a qualified Mountain Leader to further enhance my expertise and bring the benefits of nature coaching to more individuals and organizations.


    If you're ready to experience the transformative power of nature for yourself, I invite you to explore my coaching and consulting services and reach out to schedule a session. Let's work together to create a more fulfilling and sustainable future.




  • "Experience a guided journey of co-discovery and co-creation that leads to a renewed sense of self and more impactful personal leadership

  • Inspiration

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • More Services


    Beside coaching I also offering shinrin yoku sessions and breathwork training

    I use them both in my coachingsession but if you are interested and want to explore one of them feel free to contact me or

    Shinrin Yoku Sessions












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