• Leadership Mind Coach


    Live with courage or don’t bother.


    | Real conversations.

    | No generic advice.

    | Holistic Approach

    | BS-free strategies.

    | Zero judgment.

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    Calling all leaders, entrepeneurs, and intrepid wanderers.

    Today is the day you start taking steps towards a life to be proud of, without giving up on your mental health


    And expect more from life than the average person. People now aspire to be you because you've worked your way to the top. However, you shouldn't stop there.


    You desire more freedom, money, time, and success, among other things.


    Whether it involves taking your company global, igniting your industry with big ideas, venturing into the unknown to create something incredible, or beginning to do what you were meant to do.


    I can see that you possess a burning passion. Even when you don't believe you have a single ounce of energy left.


    You're not the type to settle for less, and you don't give up until you're exactly where you want to be.

  • pause for a moment.... There's no honour in being tethered to your laptop day in and day out.The notion that you must neglect your well-being and sacrifice your sanity to succeed as a leader is absurd.


  • Let me help you find your purpose before it slips out of view, survive overwhelm, and keep your body and mind in good shape, so you can stick around long enough to live the life you’ve always wanted.


    We’ll be a great fit

    If you want to

    Move from ‘stuck’ to ‘killing it’ 

    without turning into an energy-drained zombie.

    Become more focused on what to do next

    without reading yet another self-help book.

    Be challenged to move through your tasks

    without being told what’s good for you.

    Ditch the ‘there’s never enough time’ feeling

    without racing through a jam-packed schedule.

    Do what you love, on your own terms

    without being judged for your choices.

    Be more connected to yourself

    without living to other people’s expectations.

    Be more in nature

    without exception

    Make an attention-grabbing impact

    without the drama of sacrificing your lifestyle.

  • Hi There I'm Michael

    For the past 6 years, I’ve worked with phenomenal leaders all over the planet, as well as organizations who make impact in the world such as the Endress & Hauser, DSG digital, Bouwmaat, OIKOS international, AMC and EPFL.

    As a coach exemplifie the transformative power of embracing change, interacting with nature, and fostering the human spirit through my voyage from paramedic to transformative guide. With a passion for personal development, a reverence for nature, and a commitment to assisting others prosper, they remain a beacon of positive transformation in a world that is constantly changing".

    I don't offer instant solutions or magic remedies as a coach.


    In my view, effective coaching isn't about simply motivating you for short bursts of productivity or addressing your weaknesses.It's about journeying together towards excellence, progressing one step at a time, solving challenges one by one, and engaging in meaningful conversations along the way.




  • Imagine

    Waking up and looking forward to the day ahead—instead of dreading it.


    Being able to let go of the junk that tends to weigh you down.


    Freeing yourself from destructive habits and toxic thought patterns.


    Knowing the right choices for your life, work, and relationships.


    Being able to straighten things out as soon as something throws them off.


    Rocking your daily life with confidence and courage.


    Being more in nature and more one with nature

  • How I Work



    We start with an introduction

    Good coach/client chemistry is important before beginning. That’s why I schedule a 45 minute Zoom call to learn more about what’s drawing you to seek coaching, and to share more about my approach.

    Intake Session


    We’ll dig further into who you are, what you want, and how you want to engage the world. We’ll identify your commitment to your future self, which will serve as the North Star of our work together.

    Custom coaching program

    You, as my client, drive this journey. It builds on your commitment to yourself that we identify in the Intake session. You’ll have bi-weekly sessions to ensure you are achieving your business and personal goals.



  • My Coaching offerings

    Choose a package to Achieve Your Goals

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    Personal Coaching

    We collaborate to co-create a coaching program customized to your desired purpose and outcomes. The program includes developing a statement of commitment for your future self, personalized questions and practices in between sessions to deepen your self-awareness of current habits, patterns, and behaviors and learn to apply new ones inreal-world self-reflection exercises.

    What you get;

    - 1 free introduction (45 min)

    - 1 exploration kick-off session 1 1/2 hour

    - 8 weekly or bi-weekly sessions

    - Tools, exercises & methods tailord to you

    - 3 follow-up sessions at 1, 3, and 6 months afterward

    - 12 coaching sessions in total

    - a reflective booklet to open the proces and define your goals

    - Documentation after each session

    - Unlimited email and text support

    - Online Coaching

    - Option to work with in person in Chamonix or location near you.



    € 2000,- excl.  




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    Incompany Coaching

    I am delighted to offer various workshops and internalgroup or 1-1 coaching programmes for corporates and creative companies in Europe.


    This work is designed to facilitate personal andprofessional development for individuals within a workplace culture.


    To create a sense of trust, depth + safety, the content of sessions is strictly kept between myself and the individuals I coach. But I can work with the company to advise on ways to improve their employees sense of wellbeing, confidence, and professional development.​
    Investment + content varies, depending on your needs + goals.

    Please get in touch for more information - I'd love to hear from you.









  • I'm happy to have worked with Michael . After my coaching sessions with him, I felt like a great burden has been taken away from me. Now, I feel more confident and at peace with both my inner world and the outside world.



    Thanks to this coaching, I believe I've rediscovered the simple joys of everyday life. I am incredibly thankful for Michael's patience, presence, serenity, and insightful remarks throughout our sessions



    The work I’ve done with Michael feels like it’s part of me in a way I don’t feel like I have gotten in work with other coaches.



    Michael gives you confidence and quickly gets to the point with you. Michael is not easily satisfied with an answer and continues looking further where others stop



    Regular coaching conversations with Michael add an invaluable perspectiveto my life. Michael helps me to unlearn what doesn’t serve me and to practice
    the art of being in the present moment in the face of change, fear of the
    future and (climate) anxiety. I feel like I have been able to uncover the
    simple joys of everyday life thanks to this coaching and couldn’t be more
    grateful for Michael’s patience, presence, calmness and thoughtful comments
    I have been working with Michael over the course of the last year for personal self-growth and work related reasons. This was my first attempt at a life coach and I was a bit skeptical of what to expect during the process. After the first one on one session, I knew right away I should have been doing this years ago. Michael did not tell me what I needed to do or change in my life. He simply asked questions and opened the door for my own personal growth based decisions. He is professional, encouraging, and highly educated in this realm. The growth from our sessions has my work environment more efficient and productive than ever while keeping my personal life at peace in ways I never knew possible.


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