We organize time the wrong way

slow down to accelerate

The very idea of time seems baffling. It is essential to our existence but also a mystery we can never fully solve. The human race may have been going about timekeeping all wrong by inventing clocks and calendars in the first place. We need to stop worrying about being productive and instead use that time to improve ourselves.

Nowadays, efficiency and effectiveness are highly valued. Increasing efficiency is a constant goal of ours. Quickly moving from one activity to the next, we try to cram as much as possible into our already hectic days. We are continually inundated with suggestions for improving our time management, increasing our productivity, and advancing our careers.

But we might be missing the point in our haste to improve productivity. Time is a gift that should be used wisely rather than a commodity to be squandered. Time is precious, and it ought to be spent improving ourselves. This necessitates a period of introspection in which we evaluate our lives, our values, and our aspirations. It means making an effort to improve one's social life, physical well-being, and intellectual development.

Our time is better spent making meaningful connections with others, expanding our knowledge, and discovering the world. We need to spend our time doing things that make us happy and that give our life meaning. Our lives should be spent making a positive impact, assisting others, and leaving a legacy for future generations.

But what should we do? In what ways can we use our time to develop into our fullest potential? Many suggestions are as follows:

To begin, let's take it easy. In order to better understand ourselves and where we want to go, we must pause for introspection. To succeed in life, we must examine our values and choose what we truly value.

The second is that we must put effort into strengthening our bonds with one another. It's important to make time for the people that matter to us, and to provide our undivided attention when we're together. We need to give them our full attention, back them up, and demonstrate our concern.

Lastly, we must prioritise our own health and safety. It is essential that we put our health and happiness first. There is a need for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, working out frequently, and getting enough shut-eye. Every one of us needs to make time for the pursuits that bring us the most joy, whether they be reading, listening to music, or being out in nature.

It brings us to our fourth and last point: we must follow our hearts. Identifying and prioritising our individual sources of vitality is essential. There should always be time for the activities that make us happy, whether that's painting, writing, cooking, or going on a hike.

One more thing: we have to donate! Let's put our efforts into making the world a better place where we can. We should be spending our time to make the world a better place by doing things like volunteering, donating to charity, and being kind to others.

In sum, we should treasure the gift of time and never waste it. We need to stop worrying so much about getting things done and instead devote our time to improving who we are as people. This entails giving ourselves space for contemplation and introspection, prioritising the well-being of our relationships, caring for our physical and mental health, actively pursuing our interests, and sharing what we've learned with others. If we do this, we can improve our quality of life and the world at large.