• Coaching in Nature

    "Between every two pines, there is a doorway to a new world".

    John Muir



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    Unique Philosophy Guide, HEART Coaching in Nature Process

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    How can I help be your catalyst for change?

    My premise is to always start with a question. The beauty of coaching is that you, the client, are the expert of your domain. By staying curious and engaged in your best interest, I create a space of possibility to help you envision your greatest aspiration.

    Whether you are facing a challenge with your team, growing at scale, need to make a big decision, develop a strategy, commercialize a new offering, or recently transitioned to a new position, I will work with you to help you transform yourself and realize your new leadership behaviors.



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    What do you aspire to be?

    When we explore together, I am seeking the future aspiration you wish to realize. That may be to become a CEO of a large Fortune 500 company, implement a strategy that increases profitability, commercialize a new product offering that you are leading, or transition into a new leadership role. And, we will uncover what might be holding you back from achieving that envisioned future. Helping you realize your dreams and aspirations while unlocking the potential within you is at the heart of my approach.



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    What is your plan of action?

    Once we understand your goals and what might be holding you back, we can then start to create a plan of action that is unique for you. This is where the magic happens in your change transformation. By simply creating steps that are realistic and tangible, you will be one step closer toward your goal.

    Through the action plan you create, you will identify the triggers, whether emotional or mental, that impede your progress and design new habits to overcome them. By changing the way you think and behave, you will create a new set of habits which then become the behaviors and values by which you live.


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    How will you realize these leadership behaviors?

    In the realization phase, you are putting your action plan into practice. It is by doing that you will change your habits to instill your desired leadership behaviors. And, recognize that change is hard. It takes commitment, practice, learning from failure, and determination. You will set forth a routine that works for you and celebrate the wins when you demonstrate leadership consistency in how you think, act, and behave.


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    How will you transform yourself?

    Change is hard. You must have the fortitude, right attitude, and desire to change. You are now ready to do the “heart work,” always. When you stay true to yourself and your commitments, your aspiration will be realized and amazing things will happen for you. And, it comes from within you – no one can do this transformation for you. Yet, you must have the humility to ask for help and support to truly transform. What my approach will give you is a way that you can commit and live out your transformation every day.

    Unique Philosophy Guide, HEART NatureCoaching Process

  • Join me on a Coaching in nature session

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    Walking Online

    € 100,- per session

    (minimum 3 sessions of 2 hours )

    25% deposit

    75% one week before start




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    "live" in the mont blanc Area

    € 125,- per session

    (minimum 3 sessions of 2 hours)

    25% deposit

    75% one week before start