RESHAPE is a proces of several steps you can take to realize a change in yourself and to become a more nature aware person


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    What happens during a Coaching session


    First we have an online introduction session where we find out if there is simular grounds to work together.

    After the introduction, We plan 6 sessions (minimum) of an hour.

    In each session the coachee discribes the objective of the session

    and each session we plan at a different spot in the mont blanc area depending on weather conductions

    After the 6 sessions we reflect and if necessary we plan another 6 sessions.


    The benefits of Nature coaching


    Physical Wellbeing

    Research is pretty solid on the physical benefits of being outdoors. A big effect can be seen on your vitality. No matter if you go for a walk on your own or in company, being out in nature and greenspace makes you feel strong, active, and energetic (Ryan et al., 2010). Nature also has a calming effect on your body, you feel balanced and grounded. This happens, because your heart rate slows down, your blood pressure lowers and cortisol rates drop (Twohig-Bennett & Jones, 2018). So just being outside in nature can calm you down and energises you at the same time.


    Mental Wellbeing

    Let’s have a look at how your mental wellbeing can benefit from spending time in nature. This is where Positive Psychology comes in. We distinguish between two forms of wellbeing:

    Hedonic wellbeing captures the good feelings we derive from experiences of pleasure and joy. It’s this moment of happiness and joy, when you laugh or smile and just feel good. The other form of wellbeing is eudaimonic wellbeing, which is experienced through activities that give us meaning and purpose. It’s a deeper kind of positive feeling, it doesn’t necessarily make you laugh out loud, but it gives you a feeling of deep satisfaction, balance and being at ease.

    So how do these two flavours of wellbeing translate to you sitting on the grass, walking through a park or putting your feet into the sand at the beach?

    Studies suggest that both types of wellbeing can be elevated by being out in nature. However, it seems the more you feel connected to nature, the more you can boost your eudaimonic wellbeing, that feeling of wellbeing that comes with having a sense of purpose and meaning. Having a strong sense of meaning and purpose in life is in turn connected to more personal growth in life and in work (Pritchard, Richardson, Sheffield & McEwan, 2019).

    Let’s translate that into what this means for you: if you are experiencing a time in your life where you are struggling to name any meaningful activities in your life (your eudaimonic wellbeing is dipping a bit), one way to help you bring more purpose into your life is to spend more time outside in nature. Go explore nature around you and build a stronger connection to the land, trees, plants and animals.


    Character Strengths & Nature

    People who have worked with me know that I am a big fan of working with and learning from our character strengths. One of the character strengths strongly connected with nature is Zest. Zest is about approaching life with excitement and energy and jumping into a task full on. People high in zest tend to be excited to get up in the morning, boasting with energy before their first cup of coffee. They treat life as an adventure and are often more satisfied with their lives ("Zest | Character Strength | VIA Institute", 2021).

    As with all character strengths, you can practice zest. And here is where mother nature comes into the mix, because zest loves nature! To bring out your zest, go into nature, explore the woods, parks and beaches to boost vitality and that positive energy inside you!


    The great outdoors & coaching

    All these reasons also made me get out of my comfort zone and take my coaching clients on walks in nature. It still amazes me, how different and exciting these conversations are when our eyes see wide open spaces, when we can smell the grass and the woods, when we can feel the wind in our hair and the soft ground under our feet.

    Many clients get inspiration from the outdoor environment, which helps them to change perspectives, to see a problem from a different angle and to come up with solutions and new pathways that they did not think about before.